Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting Reese

Me and Miss Reese


First Meeting
Recently, I was fortunate enough to go to Northern Virginia 
for a few days to meet my new niece.  
It was so much fun seeing her, Lacey and Chris.  
We enjoyed four fun filled days of yummy meals, relaxing, 
shopping and mostly delightful visiting and "cooing" over Reese.  
Thanks to them for having me.  It was a wonderful vacation.


cathi6 said...

You're right, she is a BEAUTIFUL baby! You are a lucky auntie!!! What a fun trip for you! Glad you got to go! And I'm so happy for Chris and Lacey, being first time parents is the best!

The Jacklins said...

She is super CUTE!! How fun! I'm so glad you got to go! Congrats to Mom and Dad too...they did good!! :)