Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

December came and went in a flash... 
and although I got a camera as an early Christmas present, 
unfortunately I didn't have the time to learn how to use it.  
Here are some times that I tried: 

The famous rushed Christmas card photos.  (haha)


Guitar Recital at our house with Miss Claudia

Shay contemplating the very first item on her long want list.

Santa could tell Jack had grown this year.  He pulled out his tape to see how much.   

This year, St. Nick might just want to sit on our Nick's lap instead.   

Marissa with the Jolly Old Elf

Shaylee's Christmas Dance Recital at the Studio


Rita said...

I love the pictures.... I was even there for some of them but I sure love seeing them. The ones on the porch are darling!!

Shelly Beth said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I love the blue outfits in the Christmas photo. They look so nice and your family is adorable! They are all getting so big. Give Shaylee a squeeze for me.

Rita said...

P.S.This Grandma needs a picture of all of you on the porch with your Christmas outfits. Soooo cute! you.