Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Braces and a Driver's License

Today was a monumental day for both of my teenagers.  First, Marissa got her braces on.  We have teased her all day about being a "tin grin", setting the metal detectors off at the airport and anything else that we could think of.  But the truth of the matter is that she is still adorable and she looks so cute.  As she got out of the car after returning home, she actually thanked me for taking her....seriously how many teenagers would do that?  We love her....she's a doll.

Next, Nick got his Driver's License today.  He's official!!!  So, for those of you who live near us, when you see that cool little blue Toyota Truck on the road, move over a little...so he won't run you over.  (just kidding).  He's a great driver and he had his permit for longer than most kids because of his anxiousness to drive.
The only problem with this day is that I am feeling a  little old with two teenagers and their antics.


atki family said...

Yes Heather They grow up to fast. If you can figure out how to slow them down tell me.
Could you please email me the lady that is doing my quilt. I can't find the # and she has had it 3 1/2 weeks. I was just going to call and see what is up.

The Jacklins said...

3 Cheers for another Driver in the House!!! Congrats Nick!! And Marissa will be darling braces or not! Good times!

cathi6 said...

We're not scared of Nick!!!!! (at least not YET!!!) way to go!!! And Marissa, it's SOOO worth it!!!!!! Just drink some milkshakes for a week and they'll feel better till next month when they get tightened :)