Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Today, Jack turned 10.  Wow...he's now into the double digits.  Jack was born on what started out as a normal summer morning.  However, after about 12 hours of labor, his heart rate dropped and he stopped breathing.  The doctor was forced to do a very unexpected, emergency C-section and it was very scary for all of us.  Our story has actually become a "what not to do" at IHC Hospitals.  Ask any OB/GYN and although we're nameless, Jack and I are legend.  Gratefully, after all of that, Jack was a very healthy and handsome baby boy.  We feel blessed that things went so smoothly when they could have gone otherwise.  Jack is a delight.  He has always been very sweet and thoughtful.  As soon as he could talk he started dishing out the compliments.  Jack has a great sense of humor.  He is witty and original and often keeps us laughing.  He is a great artist and spends countless hours drawing.  I am always finding a new masterpiece under his bed or in a dresser drawer.  He has won several art contests, been featured in the newspaper and even been paid for his art.  Jack loves sports....especially baseball, but has also participated in Basketball, Flag Football and Wrestling.  He also loves the outdoors.  His favorite time of year is Autumn so he can go hunting with the other boys in our family including both Grandpas.   He is a super student and his teachers always seem to be pleased with him.  He finishes his work quickly and then gets to an art project as soon as he can.  His favorite food is chicken and pizza and his favorite color is red.  Jack has an amazing memory .  When he's taught something, he rarely forgets it.  He is a great brother and son and we are so happy that he is part of our family.   
We love you so very much Jack and hope you have a wonderful birthday.


cathi6 said...

Happy b-day Jack!! We are so glad you and Brennan are friends, you are a great kid!!!!

The Jacklins said...

We hope your birthday was a blast Jack! We are so glad to know you and Cole thinks you ROCK!! Have fun being 10!!

Haley said...

Happy Birthday Jack! We love ya!