Friday, June 12, 2009


SO, We have been experiencing unusually COOL weather for June.  Many have complained and there is non-stop garble about how it's too cold and too wet.  
I LOVE it.  
Have you stopped and smelled the RAIN or seen the numerous RAINBOWS that have filled our beautiful skies?  The GRASS is greener and the FLOWERS are going to be so vibrant once the sun comes out again. 
Last night, I was out feeding our horses and it was very muddy and very wet, but there was an enormous, full rainbow.  
The CLOUDS blanketed the mountains and it was GORGEOUS.  
It began to SPRINKLE raindrops on my head and I stood there like a child for a long time in complete amazement..... my gaze upward.  It was an incredible moment.  
When's the last time you DANCED in the rain?
This morning as I awoke with our WINDOW open, I had to open my eyes to be convinced that I was not on a tropical island.  The smell of the fresh air, various BIRDS singing, the cool CRISPNESS that the rain last night had brought.  It was so PLEASANT.  
This weather will pass...but until it does.... we would be foolish to not ENJOY it. 


Momma Paulson said...

I fully agree. You wrote it out so lovely! I'm loving the weather and could live with it all summer! Except for the 4 days at girls camp....I hope it is dry! :)

DeHart Family said...

I have loved the rain also.

The Jacklins said...

The weather is wonderful...but I agree with may not feel the same way about it if it raining this week at camp!! Good luck with it all and have a great time!