Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Highlights

"Life comes at you fast"... 
and this we know.  
We have had a whirlwind Fall and here are some Highlights:

Nick made the basketball team again, (Wahoo), went to 
Homecoming with Marisa S. and the Halloween Dance with Taylor S,
went to DC for Close Up, still found time to go Deer Hunting,
finished up his BYU Baseball League, took the ACT,  
made the Honor Roll and continues to love Salem Hills High School.  
He makes his Mom cry every time she remembers it's his Senior Year.  
We are looking forward to seeing what his future holds, 
but for now just loving being a part of his high school experiences.  
You're awesome Nick.  We're super proud of you.

Marissa finished up with Tennis, which she loves.  
She injured her hand toward the end of the season.  
We're still unsure whether it was broken or just a stress tear. 
She is still Dancing and she's almost got her back-hand-spring down.
When the weather cooperates, she rides horses and helps 
teach Horse Management lessons to some local students.  
She got a 4.0 her first quarter that really counts,  Freshman year.  
She has loads of friends and loves hanging out with all of them. 
Way to go Girl.  You are amazing in every way.


Jack finished up Tackle Football and Lynx Baseball.  
Both teams went far and he loved being a part of them.
He continues to draw and improves as an Artist rapidly.
He moved his bedroom upstairs and loves having his own "man cave."
His grades were super and his teacher says he's "Exceptional" at Math.
He likes Scouts, mostly due to having awesome scout leaders 
and loves to go on the overnight camp-outs.  
He went Pheasant Hunting in So. Dakota and saw Mt. Rushmore.
He's a fun, crazy kid and he always makes us smile.  
We think you're SUPER cool, JackMan!!!

Shaylee finished up Soccer and Riding Lessons for now.
She's decided while she still loves horses, she's not ready to jump. 
She is taking Guitar Lessons and Dance Class.  
She is practicing to sing a solo at her Guitar Recital for Christmas.
She goes to Activity Days with her friends in our ward and
she just had her Daddy Daughter Party last week.
She got excellent grades and her teacher said she's a top reader.
She's spunky and doesn't like to be called the baby, but she is.
You're a Great girl, Shay.  We're so proud of you.