Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Nursery!!!

My sister is expecting her first baby, 
a GIRL and we are all so excited.  
This summer when she visited Utah, 
she asked me to make some crib bedding.  
Having never attempted anything like that before, 
I was apprehensive, but because of my excitement for her, 
we decided to tackle it.
She had the fabric already picked out 
and she has amazing taste, so I knew it would 
come together if I could complete the sewing part of it.   
The quilt was within my comfort zone, 
but the other items, including bumper pads, 
dust ruffle, two curtains and pillows 
were a little more of an issue. 
 In the end, it was so much fun 
and I love the way it turned out.
With all of her adorable added touches of decor, 
she has the cutest nursery.  
We still anxiously await the baby, 
but the room and the family are more than ready.
Good Luck Lacey and Chris.  We can't wait!!!


Jenny said...

It's so cute!!

The Jacklins said...

Soo cute!! You did a great job! I hope the baby comes soon to enjoy it all!! :)

cathi6 said...

Heather, for a girl who "could never ever sew" you are AWFULLY talented! It all turned out darling, good job! And little Reese will always love her Auntie Heather for doing it for her, what a sweet gift!!!