Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jack's 5th Grade Talent Show

Each of the kids have had a Talent Show as they have passed through 5th Grade at the elementary.  Jack decided to share some of his artwork in a slideshow for his turn.  Drawing is a passion of Jack's and I really hope he will continue with it, he is very talented.   His work is very well thought-out and he uses great detail.  (The slideshow was too long to post, so I just included some of the pictures instead.)


cathi6 said...

He should be proud of those, they are so good, he really has a talent!! I love the one of Nick, you should frame it!

Lace said...

these are awesome! Good Job Jacko!

Mom said...

These pictures are great!! Jack, you should be really proud that you have such a wonderful talent. I always brag to everyone about what a great artist you are.