Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here are the RANDOM and WEIRD facts about me:
1. I love Elephants.  It goes back to my early childhood when my parents took me to Barnum & Bailey Circus and they had the elephants with all the jewels and paint on them.  I loved them then and still do.
2. I think the little "pellets" of ice at Payson Market are the best in an icy cold Diet Coke.  I fill the cup completely up with LOTS of ice and very little soda.
3. I had a boyfriend (for a very brief time) that was in the Air Force at Hill AFB.  He came to my High School Graduation dressed in his full uniform. Everyone noticed and it was really quite embarrassing.
4. I learned to Waterski in the clear blue waters of Bear Lake when I was 13.  It is a fun summer memory for me.
5. I have always wanted to work with deaf children.  I knew a girl in elementary school that was deaf and I learned a little sign language from her.  That's what I still want to do when I grow up.
6. I don't like breakfast foods....pancakes are the worst, but I'm not really fond of any of it.....bacon, french toast, eggs.....not so much!!!
7. I am pretty adventurous.  When Shane and I have the opportunity, we do fun, wild things....like Parasailing, ride the Catapult at Lagoon, Zipline in the Caribbean...... And I would really like Shane to buy a Harley someday.

Now it's your turn:  Jenny, Lacey, Haley, Janel, Shelley, Julie, Lori.