Monday, August 18, 2008

My Kids!!! this is my blog and I can say anything I want to on it.  Right?  
Well, allow me to take a mother moment and brag on my kids.  Just know that everything I am about to say is merely for my kids benefit and no one elses....but I think it's all true. 
My kids are the best.  I am so proud of each of them.  

Nick is well into his teen years and I still really like him.  He is great.  He is cute and polite.  He works hard and has great drive for the things he wants in life.  He is very athletic and sports come easily to him.  He loves baseball and basketball.  He has always been very obedient and I can say that he has never talked back or been disrespectful to either his Dad or myself.  I love being around him and watching the young man he is becoming.  I can't believe that he is already a sophomore.  He is thrilled to be a part of the brand new Salem Hills High!!!

Marissa is a total sweetheart.  She has always been as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, which is what I always used to tell her when she was a little girl.  People often tell me how sweet and kind she is.  She is a little shy, but that actually just adds to her charm.  She is a wonderful help to me always and she is very responsible and follows through with every task asked of her to the very finish.  She loves her horses and is a super rider with great balance.  I appreciate her so much and love watching her grow up and start Junior High.

Jack is so much fun.  He is always the life of the party.  He has a great sense of humor and wit about him.  He is also very bright.  He loves to learn and discover new things.  I swear once he learns something, he never forgets it.   He is handsome and very thoughtful.  He always looks out for the underdog.  He is very excited for Football and Hunting season.  He is a really talented artist and has a very creative imagination.  He is going to love 4th grade this year.

Shaylee is a darling girl.  She is so full of life and personality plus.  She has the cutest giggle and smile and truly brightens any room.  Her eyes sparkle all the time.  She loves to sing and dance and be the center of attention.  She is very smart and loves to learn and tries always to please others.  She has a determination like few others.  She makes friends easily and as she begins First Grade, I know she will have a great time.

I want each of my children to know how special they are to me and their Dad.  They are truly the greatest blessing in our lives.  I wish each of them a fantastic school year and great success as they grow and become the amazing people they are capable of becoming.  
I love you guys.  Goulash!!!


Tara said...

What a lucky mom you are. Great kids from a great mother.