Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And.... Six Months Later......

It has been SIX MONTHS since I posted ANYTHING.  I can't believe how time flies.  I have since gone back to work after fifteen years of being home full time.  I am working limited part time teaching preschool and while I love it (most days), it keeps me busier than I thought it would.  The nice part is that I am only gone while the kids are gone and I get home a few hours before them to catch up on the house and grocery shopping etc.   I am grateful for a job that I can do and still be a full-time mom.

In other big news, Nick moved out to go to his first year of college at UVU.  He has an apartment with some roommates, whom he didn't know ahead of time and he has a job at Finish Line at the mall.  Marissa has been surviving her sophomore year and loving it.... and I mean every minute of it, including the early morning cheer practices.  (Is she nuts or what?  hahaha)  Jack is happy in Jr. High.  He is on the Student Council and loves being among friends at all times.  He has had to adjust to 7 classes with 7 teachers and finally, now in the third term, has caught on to the concept that every teacher wants to be the priority.   Shay is happy in 4th grade and loves her Intern Teacher Ms. Wayman.  She likes going a few minutes early with Mom to do prep work in my preschool class.  All is well with everyone as we plug along in our very busy lives.  I will post a few pictures (or maybe a lot of pictures) to show you some highlights, vowing to do better on updating the blog in the near future.  :)

First Day of Seventh Grade
First Day of Fourth Grade

Fun at Cornbelly's
Halloween with American Idol Judge, Simon Cowell
Halloween with Cruella Deville
Marissa is always out in Left Field (ha)
Just couldn't resist this sweet picture of two cute sisters.

Shay played Soccer again this year.  She just gets better and better.

Jack's First Year of Tackle Football.  He did great!!!


Our Favorite SHHS Cheerleader!!!

Only One Big Snowfall this Year so far, but Jack and Shay made the most of it.

The Grinch visited us this year for our extended Obray Family Party. 


cathi6 said...

Lots of great stuff going on with you guys!! Glad we get to "live" so much of it with you!!!