Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nick's Graduation!!!

With all of our happenings of this past spring, the biggest and most monumental occurrence was Nick's Graduation from High School.  This is one of the fondest memories of a person's life and Nick celebrated big time in every way.  While, it was difficult to put those wonderful days behind him, I know he is looking forward to a bright and amazing future too.  We are very proud of Nick and all that he accomplished while in school.  He is a fabulous athlete, good student, great friend and the best oldest son and brother in our family.  We love him very much.


Celebrating afterward with family.  Both sets of Grandparents came, as well as Aunt Cindy.  
(Sorry we didn't get pictures of you all in the rush.)

This is one of his Graduation gifts: a quilt that I made out of some of his t-shirts and jerseys.  I hope it will help him to remember some of the fun times he had playing sports and participating in activities at Salem Hills.

Nick has the greatest friends.  We like them as much as he does and we will miss having them hang out here all the time as they all leave for college and missions.

Zach is the first friend that Nick met when we moved to Payson.  He has always been very close to Nick.  We just love him.

More cute friends that mean a lot to him.

And Cassie, another great friend.  They met in the 4th grade also.  It's so nice that they've remained close through the years.



cathi6 said...

Oh, cute, cute, CUTE!!! What a great idea to make a quilt out of tshirts......feel like I've seen that somewhere before :) I Love it!! And love those pics, what a great time in their lives, glad our boys have experienced so much of it together. Great times, and great memories for them!

Momma Paulson said...

Love how the quilt turned out! It is awesome! :) Happy days.