Monday, February 28, 2011

Reese Comes to Visit!!!

My sister Lacey and her husband Chris came to Utah to visit 
with their 3 month old daughter, who truly is a princess.  
We spent almost the entire weekend with them and 
still couldn't get enough of her (and them).  
Reese is adorable and my kids were literally arguing
 over who got to hold her first... and actually Shane won.
We had a GREAT time.  We can't wait until summer to get 
all eight of the Young cousins together.  



Jenny said...

So dang cute! Miss looks adorable in her bday shirt. So glad it fit!! Of course she looks cute in anything. She and Reese kind of match. Can't wait for these Young cousins to get to fight over her!!

cathi6 said...

She really is absoloutely adorable!!!!! How fun for all of you!!!!

The Jacklins said...


Rita said...

I just have to brag about those grandchildren. They couldn't be cuter!! Shaylee pointed out that she was so happy not to be the baby anymore. Ryan an Jen and our three AZ grandsons get to meet Reese this coming week in Virginia. How fun it is for all of us to have a new baby in the family.