Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nick's Trip to DC

Nick had the opportunity to attend the Close Up Program in Washington DC during November.  It was a trip with ten boys and ten girls from Salem Hills, along with his favorite teacher and JV Basketball Coach, Mr Griffin.  He spent the week with some of his very closest friends, learned a lot, experienced and navigated a huge city and loved every minute of it.  Here are some highlights:

Chizzy, Mike and NickO and With Trent and Mrs. Roosevelt
The Boys from Salem Hills and The Fearless Five   
Waiting Hours for a Metro and At the Roosevelt Monument   
Quite the studious group and Hanging out at the White House 
Outside the Holocaust Museum and "Studly", Enough Said   
Beautiful Arlington Cemetery and The Eternal Flame at Kennedy's Grave
Resting against the Washington Monument and White House View    

In the Nation's Capitol (Nick didn't get the Memo to wear a tie)  

In the Capital and Nick with Rachel


cathi6 said...

Cute, cute pics!!! So happy they were able to go, what a great opportunity they had! So glad they got to go together! It's a trip they'll never forget, they are lucky lucky boys!

The Jacklins said...

Looks like a blast!! Glad he had the chance to go!! I like that picture from the cruise too!! Good times and memories for your family!! :)