Saturday, September 18, 2010

SOCNISTBALL... my favorite sport!!!

So, this month, I've been attending a lot of sporting events.  
( I M A G I N E   T H A T ! ! ! ) 

In trying to narrow down my favorite sport, I finally decided . . .  . . . 
See the kids in action...

Shaylee is playing her very first year of soccer.  
She's done a great job and even attempted playing Goalie.  
No intimidation here.

Marissa is on the Jr. High Tennis team again and 
plays doubles with her great friend Emily.

And Jack (#35) is finally old enough to play tackle football.  
He is doing great and learning how fun "making others hurt" can be.


cathi6 said...

Do they make that sport in a Salem Hills t-shirt? Cuz that may be the one shirt we don't have....let me know if you have some to sell, we'll take 8.