Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Nick turns 17 today.   
Hope you have a wonderful birthday.  
Here are seventeen of the things that we love most about you......

1. Your determination.
2. Your great example to your siblings.
3. Your smile.
4. Your appetite for life...
5.  .....and appetite for all FOOD!!!
6. Your willingness to always help out where needed.
7. Your positive attitude about hard work.
8. Your laid-back easy going personality.
9. Your constant teasing and playing with Jack.
10. The cute way you treat Shay.
11. The protective way you treat Marissa.
12. Your love of movies.
13.  Your love of family and tradition.
14.  Your goofy friends.
15.  Your zest for life.
16.  Your love of all things SPORTS!!!
17.  YOU!!!