Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Friends from Mexico!!!

I have wanted to blog this for awhile and keep forgetting.  Our family has developed a fun new friendship with a family from Mexico.  Jack started out as friends with their son at school.  Then Shaylee met one of their other little boys.  Next, Marissa became acquainted with their daughter.  It all happened unknowingly to each other.  After a little while, they moved to another area of Payson and the children began going to different schools than my kids.  I thought our friendship may end there.  However, to their credit and not my doing, they soon were calling to play and bringing our family treats and the best tamales in the whole entire world.  We returned the treats and we exchanged Christmas gifts.  The kids have gone to a few of their birthday parties and family gatherings.  They are a wonderful family.  They are so kind and cheerful and giving. We have grown to love them.  While the parents don't speak fluent english, we are able to converse with their children translating for us.  I am so grateful for our friendship with them and grateful that true friendship can defy cultural and language barriers.  I hope to get to know them even better in the coming year.