Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Shane!!!


Today is Shane's 40-something birthday. (42nd, actually) Shane is the fourth child of eleven, born to Golden and Leila Obray. He was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. He is one of seven sons. Shane has many hobbies, but generally work comes first for him. He works very, very hard and is a borderline work-a-holic. He is extremely driven and has huge amounts of determination and self-motivation and can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. When he's not working, he's playing for sure. His motto is Work Hard, Play Hard. His hobbies include Hunting, his Harley and Horses. (probably in that order) He also loves baseball and although his playing days are over for the most part, he loves coaching little league and especially enjoys watching both of his boys play baseball. In the last few years, Shane has found a love of traveling and we have been fortunate to go to some really amazing places. Whether it's on a Caribbean Cruise or to Europe, he has found a way to relax (at least for a week or two out of the year). Shane is a wonderful husband and provider for our family. He is an amazing father and he loves his four kids with all his heart. His girls are "Daddy's Girls" for sure and his boys' look up to him in so many ways. I am grateful that he was taught how to work from an early age by good parents and grateful that he is teaching our kids how to work also. His strength and fortitude are key to who he is, but he definitely has a soft "teddy bear" side to him. Happy Birthday Dinger!! We love you very much. Hope you have a great day!!!


Haley said...

Happy Birthday Shane From all of us!

cathi6 said...

Love those cute little Shane pics! And the high school one is priceless!!!! Hope it was a great day!!!! Cute card from Shaylee!!!

The Jacklins said...

Better late than never! We hope you had a great birthday Shane! We think you are fabulous! Hope it's a great year for you!!