Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Women

I thought about someone today.  It came randomly as I was preparing dinner and listening to Shaylee read. A woman that I once knew and the impact that she had on teaching her children the importance of reading.  Geri Hillstead... she was a Bishop's wife, a mother of, I don't know, 7-8.  She was a good woman.  She had cancer.  She was raising a nice family amidst a terrible disease.  I remember, barely knowing her, but standing in line with her at the school book fair.  She was thin and sickly.  She was determined, when she could have easily been preoccupied.  She wanted her son to be driven to read.  She scoured the books on the tables to find something that would interest Hank, something he would want to read.  I don't think I gave it much thought then....but now, years later....8-9 years later, I am touched by her example of motherhood.  Geri died.  I heard from other neighbors about her death a few years ago.  Hank grew up.  I would guess he is in his twenties now.  I'm sure he reads....and all because of a mother that desired to be a good mother.  I feel inspired by her example today.  If she did it, I will try to do it too.


cathi6 said...

That's sad, but what a great example, I guess we all leave a legacy of some sort right? What a great one she left!

Shelly Beth said...

How inspiring. That's amazing. What a touching story to put motherhood and it's tasks into perspective.