Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shaylee's Riding Club

Shaylee on Shadow!!!
Some of the Riders, all lined up for a barrel race.
Eliza and Shaylee doing a tandem barrel race. See their "panty hose" to keep them together. The licorice they're eating was the prize.

Shaylee is participating in a Riding Club this fall. It has been very fun for her so far. Unlike Marissa's interest in English riding, Shaylee is all "Cowgirl" and wants to ride Western. A few neighbors and I started this club and we have 8 Junior Riders. JoJo and Kelly teach, while I provide the arena and refreshments. It's worked out quite nicely so far. The best part is that it's 100 yards out my back door. No trailering horses ... not yet anyway.


atki family said...

Shaylee way-to-go!! We love cowgirls. Keep up the riding.

The Jacklins said...

So fun!! What a great time of year to be outside enjoying horses!! You look great Shaylee! Yee Haw Cowgirls...Rock!