Monday, September 28, 2009

Rifles and Shot Guns and Bows, Oh My!!!

Shane and the boys have again spent the majority of their September hunting. Shane went every weekend during the month and Nick and Jack were able to go two different times with him.
Shane's new adventure this year was a 10-day Elk Hunt to New Mexico. It was a long drive, but he liked seeing new country and getting away from work for a few weeks.

During the muzzle loader hunt, Nick shot this 3-pt on the last night.
The deer is cool (I guess) ... ... ...
but I think my handsome boys are the real "Trophy."


Haley said...

Congrats Nick. That's a nice buck!

cathi6 said...

WEll...I know nothing about deer, but I know your mom will find a place for that head somewhere in your house...maybe in the front entryway or in her room above her bed :)Looks like everyone had a grand time killing things!!!!!(ha!ha!) I looked at all your other recent posts, you've been busy with cheer and riding and times, they're all so cute!!!!

The Jacklins said...

Nice buck Nick! The hunting season is appreciated over this way!! Congrats!