Friday, July 17, 2009


Kids are always saying funny things and I always want to record them and seldom do. However, this was one that really made me smile.
As you know, we play a lot of baseball at this house.  High School Baseball, City League Baseball, Accelerated Baseball, Backyard Baseball....etc etc.  After a game, the boys and I were discussing their progress.  A portion of the conversation went something like this:

Mom:  So Jack, they have you playing 2nd base?  How do you like that?
Jack: I love it.  It's way fun.
Nick: Wow....Jack, they have you playing 2nd on your new team?  That's awesome.
Jack: Yup.
Mom: Nicko, you've been doing really well at catcher.  Did you learn a lot at your BYU camp?
Nick:  Yeah, I really did.  It's been good.
Mom: That's good. I'm glad you're both happy with your positions. 

And then Shaylee decided to contribute to the conversation and said:
"That's cool....but if I played baseball, my favorite position would be BATTER!!"


cathi6 said...

that is about the cutest thing EVER!!! I love it!!!!!!