Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Shaylee!!!

Today is Shaylee's 7th Birthday!!!   I can't believe that she is that old.  Shaylee was born on a bright and sunny spring morning, which is fitting of her disposition.  She is pure sunshine to have around.  She is funny and cute and we love her very much.  I remember the day that I found out that I was having another little girl and feeling as though my feet were not touching the ground all the way out of the doctor's office. Needless to say, I was thrilled.  With Shaylee's birth, I knew that our family was complete.  I felt so blessed to be getting her.  Shaylee was a darling, chubby little cherub.  (To our surprise, she weighed well over 8 pounds and was our biggest baby).  She had a lot of dark brown hair and resembled her brothers and has grown into resembling her sister.  Shaylee was extremely determined from a very young age.  At the age of 4 months, she could and WOULD let us know exactly what she wanted and she was very vocal  about it.  Shaylee has always been very smart.  She was by far, our earliest "talker".  She could say many words by her first birthday and by 18 months, it seemed that she could communicate with anyone.  Shaylee loves music and she loves to sing and dance.  She is a little performer for sure.  She is our self-proclaimed "rock star" and she says that someday she'll be on American Idol.  Shaylee is a great reader and amazes us with her reading and spelling abilities.  Her favorite foods are Cantaloupe and Caesar Salad.  She likes pink and brown and she loves to play with her American Girl doll and any "stuffie".  Shaylee takes dance and gymnastics and can't wait to turn 8, so she can begin Piano lessons.  As our "baby," Shaylee is a VERY special part of our family and we love to hear her singing and see her dancing throughout our home everyday.  We love you Shay....have a great Birthday!!!


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Shelly Beth said...

Happy Birthday Shaylee! Hope you had the best birthday a girl can have!

The Jacklins said...

Happy Birthday Shaylee!! We hope this is a great year for you!!