Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!

I like April Fools Day and have always wanted to come up with something great to fool someone. I haven't been successful.  However, I always try some little thing and this year I decided to do the following chore chart for my children.  I always have after school chores for maybe they will go for these preposterous ones today.  We'll see how it goes.  (I added a few real ones at first to make them think I was serious).

Nick - 
Empty your clothes basket.
Scrub all the sneakers with a tooth brush.
Vacuum the underside of the kitchen counters.
Turn all your t-shirts inside out, so I can wash them.
Marissa -
Empty your clothes basket.
Organize the pantry in alphabetical order.
Empty the outside garbage cans.
Wipe off the ceiling in the family room.
Jack - 
Straighten your room.
Wash the windows in the barn (there are no windows in the barn)
Change the oil in the car.
Memorize a page of the dictionary.
Vacuum your room.
Pull the weeds in the mud room.
Give the fish a bath.



cathi6 said...

that's very cute!!! How was it received? I was all planned and ready to tell my oldest we had to move to Nebraska, I had decided to go to medical school and we were going to move into an appartment till Jon could find work. It would've been hilarious, but they got home too late and I was too tired!!!!!

Heather said...

It turned out funny. I'll have to tell you about it.

The Jacklins said...

I liked the "Empty the Outside Garbage Cans"...that one made me think for a minute!! :) Funny stuff...funny day!!