Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie Shout Out

Our family loves movies and this year with the completion of our new in-home theater, we've vowed to stay in more and watch more movies at home.  However, recently, there were a few new movies that we wanted to see.  The two chosen were both excellent and I wanted to mention them here:

First, Marley and Me.  I loved this movie.  It is about a crazy dog and the couple that adopts him.  I like dogs, but I wouldn't consider myself a huge animal person....but you will love this movie.   It's not just another dog movie, but really much more.  While, the underlying theme is about Marley, the dog, there is so much more meat to this story.  I laughed, cried and related on so many levels.  It was a very heart-warming story about simple truths that occur in every family....really to everyone who has a compassionate side.  It is definitely a movie that you go away from as a better person, realizing that we are all in this world together, mostly wanting the same things out of life and trying our hardest to get them.  Yeah for Marley.  

Next, Valkyrie.  All my siblings are History majors and they love it.  I do as well, I guess I have some of that in my blood.  Shane and I went to see this movie last weekend.  It was really thought-provoking for me.  First, I was touched by the good of humanity.  While such evil things took place during that period of time in Eastern Europe, much good took place also.  There were people who stood up for what they believed.  They tried to accomplish things and by doing so, they shaped our future.  Now, this is not a light movie.  In fact, I left there quite depressed.  Not to ruin the ending, but we all know, the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler was unsuccessful.  However, the ideas and attempts, I believe were of worthy cause.  Go see this movie.  It is a history lesson in and of itself.  Lastly, I was very touched by the movie-goers (which often is not the case).  The theater was packed (mostly adults) and as the show ended, quite abrubtly actually, the theater was silent.  People reverently picked up their belongings and exited the theater.  I was moved by the respect that was present for the historical happenings of that time.  It was truly a wicked time in the world...but I believe that by honoring those lost then and other times throughout history, we learn from them and become better as time goes on.

Thanks for humoring the movie critic in me.  I loved both of these movies.


cathi6 said...

That's cool Heather, we have been wanting to see some good flicks, and there really havn't been ANY! Thanks for the recommendations!!!