Thursday, October 9, 2008

Truly Scrumptious

We lost Marissa's horse Truly yesterday. 
She was the first horse that Marissa owned 
and our family's favorite.  She taught us a lot.  
We love her and we will really miss her.

Truly was a very good mare with a gentle 
temperament and great jumping talent.
 We know she is just a horse, but to a 12 year old 
girl who loved her, that is a lot.  
We are really sorry Marissa!!!


The Jacklins said...

Sweet glad you have them! In our family...horses are part of the family! We are very sorry.

atki family said...

We are so SORRY! Horses are apart of the family and it is tough to lose one. No baby! That is really sad.

Momma Paulson said...

Sorry about Truly! Animals are part of the family and I'm so sorry about your loss.