Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th Fun!!!

This year we went to Richfield for the 4th.  Karl and Janel blessed Lela and Christa and her kids were here from Texas, so we decided to kill a few birds with one big, happy stone.  What an adventurous weekend.  
On the 4th, we went to the Parade in Richfield and the Fireworks in Joseph.  In the early evening, we rode our horses that we had taken down.  All of the kids rode, and a few of the adults too, including Grandpa and Grandma.
On Saturday morning, Christa planned a bike ride up to Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was just under 7 miles up the trail and ALL of my family (including Jack and Shaylee) made it.  Shaylee pumped her little legs off and I was so proud of all of them.  I rode along in the truck (partly because there were no extra bikes and partly because I didn't think I could make it).  Once at the top, I took Marissa's bike and rode back down the near 7 miles with Jack and Shane. The others hopped in the truck to get a nice cold popsicle. 
That afternoon, Darren and Haley took everyone out in their boat to Piute Resevoir.  My kids had a blast.  We topped off the evening with Adult Only Dinner to Hoover's up Marysvale Canyon.  It was so crazy busy.  We have been going to Hoover's for years, but I have never seen it busy.  It's really caught on to be a fun little eclectic tourist trap.  Good for them.  
I guess you could say we partied by hoof, wheel and wave.  It was a great time.