Monday, July 28, 2008


Baseball is over for this season.  

Nick's tournament finished up  last week.   His team, the Skyhawks ended up eating a few helpings of humble pie during the tournament, but overall, they had a great season.  Nick grew a lot this year and improved a lot as well.  His batting took off and he hit several into the outfield getting doubles or even a few triples throughout the season.  During one game against Syracuse, he had 5 RBI's in a game scored 6-2. It was great.  He also started a new position this year and played Catcher much of the season.  It was a position he enjoyed and hopes to improve upon as time goes on.  He also played a little Third Base and Right Field and pitched a couple of innings.  Like his Dad, he loves the game and can't wait for another year to get swinging.  He has a few months off (but will be practicing basketball and hitting in the cage) until Basketball try-outs for Salem Hills High.  Great Job Nick-O!!!
Jack's team, the Astros, also ended up in tournament with Shane as his Coach.  They placed fourth in the league and they had a great time.  Jack started out the season liking baseball and ended up loving it.  He also improved and as Shane has told him, he's very capable of being a great player if he wants it bad enough.  Jack played Second Base and Outfield.  His hitting improved and he learned that he can do it, if he set's his mind to it.  We'll anxiously await another season to see what it holds for our Jack.   Way to go, Jack-man!!!